SuperNaturals Full Spectrum CBD Wellness Line Available Now

Derived from premium CBD oils, SuperNaturals empowers achievers to go beyond.

Debut coincides with the recent passage of the Hemp Farm Bill, which legalizes non-psychoactive forms of cannabis in the U.S.

DENVER- December 17, 2019: SuperNaturals CBD debuts its first full spectrum wellness line to empower individuals to achieve as they pursue elevated wellbeing. SuperNaturals CBD is not like your neighbor’s CBD. Its superior oils are extracted from the highest-grade hemp sourced from Colorado, the state with the highest agricultural standards in the industry. SuperNaturals CBD products contain higher amounts of cannabinoids than lower grade oils and we test all our products with a 3rdparty laboratory to make sure we maintain the highest standards in the industry. What’s more, the company combines a meticulous extraction process that embraces modern technology with an exclusive formula to deliver exceptional premium oils with a refreshing peppermint zest that’s ideal for daily use.

“Following the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill, which legalizes non-psychoactive forms of cannabis, hemp production will explode, and a wide array of products will hit the marketplace,” said Chad Kennedy, Co-Founder. “We are thrilled to launch our SuperNaturals Full Spectrum Line during this exciting time for the industry, and we are confident that our superior supplements will stand out in a market that will be laden with inferior products.”

SuperNaturals empowers all individuals who are pursuing elevated wellness. Benefits include augmented cognitive abilities, improved rest, higher energy levels, and muscle relief. Much like well-known superfoods, studies have found that CBD oils can help elevate mood and focus and can be used to help deal with pain, stress, and sleeplessness, among others.  SuperNaturals CBD premium oils can be used by all adults because they deliver all of these benefits without any of the psychoactive effects that may negatively impact performance and are associated with consumption of THC.

The SuperNaturals premium full spectrum CBD wellness supplement line features capsules for easy swallowing, roll-ons for on-the-go application and tinctures for a specific application. SuperNaturals CBD premium oils can be purchased online at or via 1.800.592.1405. In addition, the company offers 24/7 customer service and guidance in English/Spanish by phone, e-mail, web form, and instant messaging to help individuals choose the supplement that is best for them.

About SuperNaturals

SuperNaturals CBD is founded on the principle of looking for the supernatural in the everyday phenomena, mysticism, and brilliance of the world we inhabit.  Our busy modern culture of deadlines, anxiety, inactivity, and ego is a breeding ground for unhappiness, stress and disease SuperNaturals’ core values embrace community, culture, nature, health, breath, and positivity in an effort for people to be happier, more present, active, rested and energetic.   We have a reverence for the earth, nature and the cultures that have embraced the healing and empowering benefits of plant-based wellness practices for thousands of years. While modern life has improved in many ways, it has also forgotten that plants and nature fed, healed and nourished its inhabitants long before iPhones, fast food and social media.  SuperNaturals is embracing the benefits of modern technology to extract the wellness and health benefits of hemp, which has a rich history of health and wellness benefits with no THC or psychoactive effects.