Feeling anxious, fearful, or unsettled is not a nice experience. Just like humans, our pets also feel these uncomfortable emotions. Your pet won’t be able to communicate to you what is bothering them, but you may see them exhibit odd behaviors as a sign that they are distressed. Here are seven ways you can calm down your pet. 

Petting or Physical Contact

Pets crave physical contact, and if they are feeling scared or insecure, cuddling or gentle petting can help to soothe their nerves. Sometimes your pet may feel separation anxiety, and your touch can help alleviate their fears and reconnect them with you. Speak gently to your dog or cat in soothing tones as you pet or cuddle them.

Soothing Music or Sounds

Quite a few pet owners put a radio on when they leave the house to keep their pets calm and serene. Many dogs and cats feel separation anxiety when you leave them alone, and the music can help them to feel less isolated. Find soothing classical stations and play them low when your pet is home alone. 


Sometimes your pet just has an overabundance of energy that they need to release. It may display as fidgety, nervous behavior when really, all they need is to get out and run. Take your dog for a long walk or let them play outside. If you have a cat, get out a toy that makes them move around and expend all that pent-up energy. Chances are they will tire themselves out and calm down in the process. 

Time Out or Time Alone

Just like overexcited children, sometimes a dog or cat needs a few minutes alone to calm down. Find a quiet place in your house and put your pet there with low lighting and a soft spot to lie down. Check back in on them after about 30 minutes. Often this space will help them work through their anxiety, and they will emerge a different animal. 

Calm Yourself Down

Our pets are very empathic, and they pick up on our own emotions. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, your pet may feel your feelings too. Find ways to de-stress and calm yourself down to see if that helps your furry friend. 

Thunder Shirt or Calming Toys

There are some great products on the market for pets to help manage their anxiety. For example, thunder shirts work wonders on dogs and cats who are afraid of loud noises (thunder and lightning). They also have special calming cuddle and chew toys that take your pet’s mind off how they are feeling. 

CBD Oil to Calm Your Pet’s Nerves

Many pet owners have had great success using CBD oil drops, and pet treats to calm down their pets. CBD oil works the same in animals as it does in humans targeting the 5HT1A serotonin receptor in the brain inducing feelings of calm and peacefulness.